Tip Tuesday: How To Build Relationships And Network

Talking to people isn’t as hard as we think it is.

My Boyfriend, Josh, and I were at a wedding just a few weekends ago. The bride and groom were running very late from the wedding to the reception, almost an hour and half before they got there. Josh’s dad, the uncle of the bride, did the one of the most crazy things I have ever seen. He went around to everyone that he did not know and introduced himself. You know what happened?

Nothing crazy or awkward. They just introduced themselves back and had a conversation about how they new the groom or bride.

We make things seem so much harder than they are. Some of us weren’t taught or born with the gift of gab. You don’t have to be!

                                                      Networking & Connecting                                                          

Start networking now.

When you have a desperate motive people can tell. It’s easier just to go into a social event for pure connection. Not to sell or push your idea or business. You can start to build relationships and a gain reputation for being generous rather than self-serving

Know your worth.

Figure out your strengths, talents, who you know and what you can bring to any table. Map out what you want to talk about and how you maybe able to help others. It’s not easy walking into a sea of people with no idea of who you are or what you do. Knowing your worth will help any anxiety that creeps into your head.

Listen to people.

Listening means you don’t have to talk as much, but you actually have to listen and ask questions in return. This helps people feel important and valued. Also when you genuinely listen you will figure out how the person you’re speaking to could relate to another person in the room.

Give a way to connect and follow up.


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