Drink Of The Week!

Matcha Latte!
Do you see an angry green frog in my drink?


I got my Matcha Latte from RX Brew in Weatherford, OK.
Matcha’s popularity has grown in the states lately. You’ve probably heard of this powdered green tea by now, but have you tried it as a latte yet? Matcha is great for you and it adds some healthy benefits with antioxidants to your latte.

The original taste is like a much stronger, creamy, green tea. I prefer my drinks sweeter so I added a packet of Raw Sugar. I would say add a little bit of vanilla if you’re like me and want it to be more on the sweet side. I wanted to try it plain to compare it to a regular latte, I’m going to switch up my lattes with Match a little more often.

Energy wise it did gave me a little buzz, which is surprising since caffeine usually does nothing to me since I drink it so often. I know people who love Matcha and those who don’t. As most things in life its up to your taste buds!
Check out the score board below!


Taste:   1            2            3              4 ✔️     5

Color:   1            2            3 ✔️        4           5

Design: 1 ✔️     2            3               4           5

Smell:   1            2            3              4 ✔️     5

buy 1 get 1 free (1)


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