How To Be The Best You

I have been trying for years to be the person that I think I want to be,
just to be disappointed in myself for how little I have done.
Now that I have a better grounded relationship with myself I can see that
I really I am awesome, I am deserving of the best in life and I will get there.
Now I want to help you get started with building your relationship with yourself.

Get out those dang sticky notes or a expo marker for your mirror.
Once a day for a week, write something positive about yourself.
“I am happy.”
“I am beautiful.”
“I can be healthy.”
I do this everyday, even on my bad days. Some days you will feel like poop, but those are the days you need a compliment the most.

 Practice Forgiveness.
Which is freaking hard.
I am a happier person now from doing this. You will have slip ups, that’s normal.
We’re human and learning how to do this doesn’t happen over night. So start small.
(Side note: You do NOT have to reach out to those people who have hurt you or re-live something to forgive it.)
What I do is visualize putting the issue in a box, saying this issue that has been hurting me is now in the past and I will learn from it and leave this issue in the past. Then visualize throwing the box away or burning it.

Eat Healthier Foods
Little things you can change like trying to eat yogurt for breakfast if you don’t normally eat anything. Possibly replace one snack a day with a protein bar. Have a salad before your dinner. Even cutting back on red meat is a great start.

Drink Water
You may hate water and that’s fine. You can use the water flavoring things like Mio to help you get over drinking straight up water. Our bodies need water for better health and skin. So if you normally don’t drink water, try replacing at least one drink a day with water.

Start A Journal
Once a week or once a day just start writing about how you feel, your dreams, where you want to go in life, what you may need to work on or what you want to eat for the day. Just start a conversation with yourself.

Try Something you’ve Been To Scared To Do.
If you’ve been wanting to paint, skydive, or even start a blog. Then go and do it!
You are the only thing stopping you. 






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