3 Easy Ways To Help You De-Stress.

Life can get a little hectic from time to time. Here’s some ways you can challenge it.

Practicing self-care is so important, especially when you’re feeling stressed. If you’re starting to feel stressed or anxiety. Make sure to take time out for yourself. Maybe have a nice bubble bath with that bath bomb you’ve been wanting to try, treat yourself to a coffee or give yourself the afternoon off to just relax and not have to worry a schedule or kids. Reminder: It’s okay to take time for you.

I think the best way to de-stress is to unplug. When I’m feeling overwhelmed, I like to turn off all my electronics and just focus on myself. This can be anything from going for a walk, cleaning (yes I’m that weirdo) or just curling up on the couch with a book. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you silence or turn off anything that would make you want to check notifications.

We all know that sometimes life can be just plain crazy, like you’re reaching for a life line that keep slipping past your fingertips. When life starts to feel to fast, I like to literally slow down. I’ll take 15-60 minutes, and do meditation and yoga exercises. I’ll make sure it’s nice and cool in my house. Then I’ll go to Youtube and find whatever calming meditation music I can, go to my alone space, and focus on centering myself. Breathing exercises are great for this (breathe in for 4, breathe out for 8), Another thing that helps me clear my mind is visualizing myself sinking in to the floor. If that trips you out though maybe visualize laying sitting on a beach staring at mountains as the sun is just setting. Mental images really helps to make me to feel weightless and at peace.

Y’all what are your tips to unwind and de-stress?
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