4 Tips To Help You Relax.

  1. Set Aside Some Alone Time
  2. Make A List Of What You Did Today Or What You Will Do Today
  3. Stretch Your body
  4. Breathe In For 4 Seconds Exhale For 8 Seconds


Everyone gets stressed and you know a small amount of stress is fine, but if you’re getting to the point of stress where I was at, then you’ve stumbled upon the right post! I was so stressed that I started to lose my hair. So I obviously needed to find a way to chill out.
Hopefully you find these tips before you get to the point I was at.

Set Aside At Least 15 Minutes of Pure Alone Time


Whether that’s right when the kids are fast in bed (& they’re for sure asleep) or you take a few minutes in the morning/night. It’s so important to have schedule out time for yourself. If you have a family you should let them know that you’re taking these 15 minutes once a day for yourself and that they need to respect your alone time.
Here’s a little list of how to make your alone space.

Take note of your day or make a list of things you want to do today.


This one depends on the time of day you’re doing your relaxing at.
Make this last under 5 minutes.
If its morning make a list of what you want to do for the day.
This is not a stress list.
This is just away to get it out of your head and on to paper so you not thinking about it during your relaxing time.
If you’re doing this later in the day. Just reflect on your day. For example just think of what you could work on or what you’re kicking ass on.
End your list with just one thing you’re thankful for.


Time to put the note book down.
Lift your arms up and stretch. Now your feet and hands.
Bend your neck slowly back and forth and side to side.
Lay flat and stretch your whole body.
Now move in to a comfy spot.

Take A Deep Breath.


Close your eyes and try not to think of anything except your breathing or
the music. If your mind starts to drift to other things. Don’t get upset, just slowly start thinking about how you’re breathing.
I try to count while breathing in for 5 seconds and exhale for 8.

Welcome back to the world. Hopefully you can enjoy it a bit better.


Leave your relaxing tips below!



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