The Red Shed Wine Bar


One of my favorite paintings I’ve done so far was for The Red Shed. The owners are the sweetest people I have ever met. My boy friend, Josh, and I got wine drunk while swapping stories with Mike, one of the owners, for a few hours. Mike and his Wife Alicia Met while serving in the Air Force. Once they retried, they relocated to Weatherford to help out Alicia’s father and start a business for themselves. I’m so glad they did. My small town needs some new life to it, this place has added some.


The wine bar had awesome choices of wine, beer and cheese. They find wine that you really can’t buy in the local liquor stores here. Mike let us sample wine, a lot of wine, to figure out which ones we liked. I stuck to the sweet white wines, while Josh went for the darker reds.  Once we picked out our wine, Mike set out to make our cheese board. I took photo’s of some of the 19 Crimes wine corks he’s been collecting that he let us look at. They we’re pretty cool the corks have Prohibition laws on printed on them.


Along with the cheese, we got to try this Jalapeno jam called, The Red Hot Lover. That was just freaking perfect. I filled up on this jam and bread. I can not say enough how good this jam is. I’m going to have to buy 10 cases. Oh and I forgot to mention they also do sandwich lunch specials during the week. Honestly, I can say its pretty hard to find something so inserting, and well priced in a small college town.

While we all we’re talking, I told Mike how I painted fences with flowers on them. We didn’t really stay on the topic long. Josh and I finished off our wine filled up on some cheese and water and headed home to watch Game of Thrown. Happy with our new date spot.

Later that week, Mike shared my photos I took of the wine and messaged me that he had a fence he wanted me to come paint. Here’s where this beauty came to life.


So if you’re ever in town stop by for some wine, and pretty art at The Red Shed. Mike and Alicia would love to have you!


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