Drink Of The Week!

Matcha Latte!
Do you see an angry green frog in my drink?


I got my Matcha Latte from RX Brew in Weatherford, OK.
Matcha’s popularity has grown in the states lately. You’ve probably heard of this powdered green tea by now, but have you tried it as a latte yet? Matcha is great for you and it adds some healthy benefits with antioxidants to your latte.

The original taste is like a much stronger, creamy, green tea. I prefer my drinks sweeter so I added a packet of Raw Sugar. I would say add a little bit of vanilla if you’re like me and want it to be more on the sweet side. I wanted to try it plain to compare it to a regular latte, I’m going to switch up my lattes with Match a little more often.

Energy wise it did gave me a little buzz, which is surprising since caffeine usually does nothing to me since I drink it so often. I know people who love Matcha and those who don’t. As most things in life its up to your taste buds!
Check out the score board below!


Taste:   1            2            3              4 ✔️     5

Color:   1            2            3 ✔️        4           5

Design: 1 ✔️     2            3               4           5

Smell:   1            2            3              4 ✔️     5

buy 1 get 1 free (1)


How To Be The Best You

I have been trying for years to be the person that I think I want to be,
just to be disappointed in myself for how little I have done.
Now that I have a better grounded relationship with myself I can see that
I really I am awesome, I am deserving of the best in life and I will get there.
Now I want to help you get started with building your relationship with yourself.

Get out those dang sticky notes or a expo marker for your mirror.
Once a day for a week, write something positive about yourself.
“I am happy.”
“I am beautiful.”
“I can be healthy.”
I do this everyday, even on my bad days. Some days you will feel like poop, but those are the days you need a compliment the most.

 Practice Forgiveness.
Which is freaking hard.
I am a happier person now from doing this. You will have slip ups, that’s normal.
We’re human and learning how to do this doesn’t happen over night. So start small.
(Side note: You do NOT have to reach out to those people who have hurt you or re-live something to forgive it.)
What I do is visualize putting the issue in a box, saying this issue that has been hurting me is now in the past and I will learn from it and leave this issue in the past. Then visualize throwing the box away or burning it.

Eat Healthier Foods
Little things you can change like trying to eat yogurt for breakfast if you don’t normally eat anything. Possibly replace one snack a day with a protein bar. Have a salad before your dinner. Even cutting back on red meat is a great start.

Drink Water
You may hate water and that’s fine. You can use the water flavoring things like Mio to help you get over drinking straight up water. Our bodies need water for better health and skin. So if you normally don’t drink water, try replacing at least one drink a day with water.

Start A Journal
Once a week or once a day just start writing about how you feel, your dreams, where you want to go in life, what you may need to work on or what you want to eat for the day. Just start a conversation with yourself.

Try Something you’ve Been To Scared To Do.
If you’ve been wanting to paint, skydive, or even start a blog. Then go and do it!
You are the only thing stopping you. 





3 Easy Ways To Help You De-Stress.

Life can get a little hectic from time to time. Here’s some ways you can challenge it.

Practicing self-care is so important, especially when you’re feeling stressed. If you’re starting to feel stressed or anxiety. Make sure to take time out for yourself. Maybe have a nice bubble bath with that bath bomb you’ve been wanting to try, treat yourself to a coffee or give yourself the afternoon off to just relax and not have to worry a schedule or kids. Reminder: It’s okay to take time for you.

I think the best way to de-stress is to unplug. When I’m feeling overwhelmed, I like to turn off all my electronics and just focus on myself. This can be anything from going for a walk, cleaning (yes I’m that weirdo) or just curling up on the couch with a book. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you silence or turn off anything that would make you want to check notifications.

We all know that sometimes life can be just plain crazy, like you’re reaching for a life line that keep slipping past your fingertips. When life starts to feel to fast, I like to literally slow down. I’ll take 15-60 minutes, and do meditation and yoga exercises. I’ll make sure it’s nice and cool in my house. Then I’ll go to Youtube and find whatever calming meditation music I can, go to my alone space, and focus on centering myself. Breathing exercises are great for this (breathe in for 4, breathe out for 8), Another thing that helps me clear my mind is visualizing myself sinking in to the floor. If that trips you out though maybe visualize laying sitting on a beach staring at mountains as the sun is just setting. Mental images really helps to make me to feel weightless and at peace.

Y’all what are your tips to unwind and de-stress?
Beginner's Challenge

20 Things To Do This Summer.

  1.  Go on a road trip
  2. Have a cook-out
  3. Make a bonfire
  4. Give a stranger $5
  5. Learn a new hobby
  6. Clean out your winter clothes and give them to charity
  7. Visit a beach
  8. Take a day trip out of town
  9. Plant a garden
  10. Play mini golf
  11. Go to the zoo
  12. Try a new snow cone flavor
  13. Throw a tea party
  14. Clean out the garage
  15. Find a drive-in movie
  16. Go fishing
  17. Rent a boat
  18. Camp
  19. Go for a hike
  20. Have a night out on the town

4 Tips To Help You Relax.

  1. Set Aside Some Alone Time
  2. Make A List Of What You Did Today Or What You Will Do Today
  3. Stretch Your body
  4. Breathe In For 4 Seconds Exhale For 8 Seconds


Everyone gets stressed and you know a small amount of stress is fine, but if you’re getting to the point of stress where I was at, then you’ve stumbled upon the right post! I was so stressed that I started to lose my hair. So I obviously needed to find a way to chill out.
Hopefully you find these tips before you get to the point I was at.

Set Aside At Least 15 Minutes of Pure Alone Time


Whether that’s right when the kids are fast in bed (& they’re for sure asleep) or you take a few minutes in the morning/night. It’s so important to have schedule out time for yourself. If you have a family you should let them know that you’re taking these 15 minutes once a day for yourself and that they need to respect your alone time.
Here’s a little list of how to make your alone space.

Take note of your day or make a list of things you want to do today.


This one depends on the time of day you’re doing your relaxing at.
Make this last under 5 minutes.
If its morning make a list of what you want to do for the day.
This is not a stress list.
This is just away to get it out of your head and on to paper so you not thinking about it during your relaxing time.
If you’re doing this later in the day. Just reflect on your day. For example just think of what you could work on or what you’re kicking ass on.
End your list with just one thing you’re thankful for.


Time to put the note book down.
Lift your arms up and stretch. Now your feet and hands.
Bend your neck slowly back and forth and side to side.
Lay flat and stretch your whole body.
Now move in to a comfy spot.

Take A Deep Breath.


Close your eyes and try not to think of anything except your breathing or
the music. If your mind starts to drift to other things. Don’t get upset, just slowly start thinking about how you’re breathing.
I try to count while breathing in for 5 seconds and exhale for 8.

Welcome back to the world. Hopefully you can enjoy it a bit better.


Leave your relaxing tips below!


6 Basics For Your Alone Space.

The Basics

  1. Candles
  2. Essential oils
  3. Yoga mat or a rug
  4. Books
  5. 1 or 2 or 20 Comfy pillows
  6. A sign saying do not disturb (or paint your own!)

Where to find your space.
If you have a spare bedroom, an office, a back yard or even a free corner in your house than you’re set.
Basically if you have a free corner in your house then you have space.
You may have to work around your family and either wake up a bit earlier or go to bed a little later to get your space.

Is super important, we really need to start making more time for it.

15 Ways To Self-Care.

  1. Read a book
  2. Take a walk
  3. Take a bath with a bath bomb
  4. Have nature time
  5. Make a list
  6. Try yoga
  7. Meditate 
  8. Have 15 minutes of alone time every day.
  9. Color in an adult coloring book
  10. Take care of your body
  11. Eat healthy, you are what you eat
  12. It’s okay to ask for help
  13. Start a self-care journal
  14. Read the book The Little Book Of Mindfulness
  15. Drink lots of water
  16. Enjoy the little things.

The Red Shed Wine Bar


One of my favorite paintings I’ve done so far was for The Red Shed. The owners are the sweetest people I have ever met. My boy friend, Josh, and I got wine drunk while swapping stories with Mike, one of the owners, for a few hours. Mike and his Wife Alicia Met while serving in the Air Force. Once they retried, they relocated to Weatherford to help out Alicia’s father and start a business for themselves. I’m so glad they did. My small town needs some new life to it, this place has added some.


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