Wild Boy.

I am tired of being the Mom of the naughty kid.

honestly, it’s exhausting, phone calls from the school, the others parents who look at me when he’s not being perfect like your children were or are. I’m the Mom of a wild eyed 6-year-old boy in the store excited about all the possibilities.

Yes, I do spankings, time outs, lecture, etc. His mind doesn’t work like ours. Forever creating something interesting to do. His mind and little hands work in ways I can’t explain.

I’m the Mom of the boy who you just want to sit quietly, if only for a moment, but he won’t, he finds that stupid boring. He wants to be loud and play. I’m the Mom of the wiggle worm in his desk or table. I’m the Mom of the boy who everyone tries to offer up ideas on how he should be. I’m the Mom of the excited talkative boy in the movie, who HAS to tell Belle not to go into the Beast’s castle because she will die or yell about how cool the flip was in the Monster Truck movie. I am the Mom of the boy who hugs to hard and doesn’t quite get that, sadly, not everyone is your friend. I’m the Mom of the boy who hates “Stranger Danger” and thinks he should smile, hug, speak to everyone he sees.

He pushes me to my limits, he upsets me, he yells, he fights, he does what he wants and it drives me insane. He doesn’t care much for rules, instead like to create his own. He is usually covered in bruises because he plays hard, his hair never stays neat for long, He only wants to study his spelling words if I make a loud game out of it. He will only read the most interesting books. He builds only the best inventions with his Lego’s. Anything less than perfect drives him up the walls.

“BUT you know what? He is brave, he is strong, he is outgoing, he is charismatic, he is a gentleman, he is intelligent, he is articulate, he is funny, he is tech savvy, he is street wise, he is bold, he is mine. He is an engineer, he is an astronaut, he is an explorer, he is a politician, he is a soldier, he is a cowboy, he is a networker, he is a manager, he is a CEO, he is Alfa. He is a little shit right now at times, but he loves hard too, and I am one of the only ones who gets to see his quiet, tired love.

These little boys aren’t just naughty they are game changers, watch this little package of energy do something great, this naughty boy won’t settle for anything less than what he wants. That’s how you need to be wired to be great.”

He is my wild child.


Renee Platt’s letter winded up on my news feed today and it inspired me to write about my own wild boy.

Her original letter.

Wild child mom’s have to stick together.


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